Awards and Accolades

DSN Global 100 List

The DSN Global 100 list offers a unique perspective on the global impact of the industry on economic and social realms.
The list acknowledges companies achieving more than US$100 million in revenue each year and Nefful International has achieved a ranking in the DSN Global 100 list, recorded as follow:
– Top 60, 2020
– Top 85, 2019
– Top 97, 2016
– Top 93, 2014
– Top 88, 2013
– Top 94, 2012
Symbol of National Quality (SNQ)

The Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) is a guideline for trusted, professional brand image and high-quality standard certification.
The SNQ certification is evaluated by more than 100 leaders and experts from the biotechnology sector, dietitians, medical industry and government authorities in Taiwan on the following aspects: operational system, features and advantages of the products, quality control and safety measures. Each evaluation and credit of certification valid for a year, as a quality check for safety and quality of the consumable goods.
Products of Nefful International that obtained the SNQ certification are:
– HC17 PANACAL L-Calcium Lactate – 15 th consecutive years
– NE013 ENEFULL Lychee Polyphenols – 13 th consecutive years
Monde Selection


Monde Selection brought over 80 international experts together each year to conduct a 360º quality assessment and scientific evaluation base on more than 20 parameters independently, to ensure the quality, safety, and nutritious values of consumer products. The International Quality Award is certificated by Monde Selection.
The following products of Nefful International have been awarded the Monde Selection, The International Quality Award:
– HC17 PANACAL L-Calcium Lactate – Gold Award (2022)
– UN11 Flex-Free – Gold Award (2022)
– NE013 ENEFULL Lychee Polyphenols – Silver Award (2022)
National Brand Yushan Awards (Taiwan)



The “National Brand Yushan Awards (Taiwan) – The Best Product Category” is a recognition accredited by The Republic of China National Enterprise Competitiveness Development Association and the committee of the National Brand Yushan Awards (Taiwan) to encourage invention and innovation of technologies in the process of research and development of products among enterprises, after reviewing and evaluating the safety and quality of products on-sale.
The following products have attained certification of “The Best  Product Category, National Brand Yushan Awards (Taiwan)”:
– HC17 PANACAL L-Calcium Lactate (2022)
– NE013 ENEFULL Lychee Polyphenols (2021)
A.A. Award

The A.A. Taste Awards is an additive-free initiative by the Anti-Additive Clean Label Organization (A.A.). It encourages food and beverages operators to refrain from adding food additives during product manufacturing, so as to reduce the health risk caused by food additives.
A.A. Taste Awards jury is formed by professionals from different fields around the world, including professional chefs, nutritionists, medical experts, scientists, etc. The jury upholds the most stringent requirements, and based on eight evaluation criteria which include the product’s appearance, color, aroma/odor, taste, mouthfeel/texture, composition, pure and overall, diligently evaluate every food product, providing consumers with a safer and tastier choice of food in the market.
The following products of Nefful International have been awarded in The A.A Taste Award:
– HC17 PANACAL L-Calcium LActate – One Star (2023)
– NE013 ENEFULL Lychee Polyphenols – Two Stars (2022)
– UN11 Flex-Free – Two Stars (2022)