The new fiber “NEORON®” was invented exclusively for Nefful by Teiken Limited. Both NEFFUL and TEIKEN have put forth full devotion towards the innovation of NEORON®’s research and development. All our efforts have been focused on implementing NEORON® into production for 2014. The new technology and research invested has suggested that NEORON® creates better material blends for better products! NEORON® fiber is made from most of the same materials as Teviron and retains all of its features.

What is NEORON®?

  • NEORON® is a new fiber invented exclusively for Nefful by Teiken Limited and launched in 2013
  • The name NEORON® comes from NE which stands for Nefful and NEO meaning new, as it is the newest fiber creation
  • NEORON® fiber retains all the same features as TEVIRON: which are Superb Heat Insulation, Superior Moisture Permeability, Negative Static Electricity and Excellent Flame Retardancy.

NEORON®’s brand new innovation also comes with a new logo, resealable packaging and product coding. The new logo resembles the wind which is symbolic to the comfortability of all NEORON® products. The new packaging comes in a resealable uniform design along with English and Chinese instructions. The new product coding for NEORON® is a simplistic code, consisting of the following categories:

AS – Accessories
BI – Bedding Items
LS – Legwear and Socks
UW – Underwear
SG – Support Goods

Teviron / NEORON®?

Teviron is Nefful’s first generation fiber material. NEORON® is our second generation fiber which was jointly developed by Teiken and Nefful.