Stock Updates

Stock Updates

Out of Stock Product

Product Code Description Estimated Arrival Time of Stock
BI031-037, 057 NEORON® Dual Purpose Blanket Cover S Gray, Pink To be confirmed
SG015-020 Waist Support White To be confirmed
UW150-166 Lady’s Sleeveless Undershirt M Lilac To be confirmed
UW152-082 Lady’s Black Sleeveless Undershirt S Black To be confirmed
UW154-Gray All Sizes Men’s Short-Sleeve Undershirt Gray All Sizes To be confirmed
UW155-034 Men’s Sleeveless Undershirt L Gray To be confirmed
UW156-163, 164 Lady’s Long-Sleeve Undershirt M, L Lilac To be confirmed
UW157-164 Lady’s Long Underpants L Lilac To be confirmed
UW201-305 Comfort Long-Sleeve Undershirt For Women ML Camellia To be confirmed
UW202-305 Comfort Long Underpants For Women ML Camellia To be confirmed
UW305-036 Men’s Short-Sleeve Undershirt LL Gray To be confirmed
UW307-034 Men’s Long-Sleeve Undershirt L Gray To be confirmed
UW603-043 NEORON® Lady’s Low-Rise Panties M Purple To be confirmed

Product Discontinued

Product Code Description
AS005-320 NEORON® Shawl (Black x Purple)
AS013-020 Leopard Print Shawl (White x Black)
BI011-037 NEORON® Blanket S Gray
BI012 All Color NEORON® Blanket(Wavy Pattern Collection) All Color
BI020-097 NEORON® Bed Sheet S Light Yellow
BW011 Intensive Rejuvenating Mask
OC001-053, 054 Long-Sleeve Shift Dress Pink M, L Size
OC001-036, 056, 186 Long-Sleeve Shift Dress Gray, Pink, Khaki LL Size
OC001-184 Long-Sleeve Shift Dress Khaki L Size
OC004-013 Textured Knit Cardigan M Blue
OC004-053, 054 Textured Knit Cardigan M, L Pink
OC005-013 Textured Knit Sleeveless Shell M Blue
OC005-053, 054 Textured Knit Sleeveless Shell M, L Pink
OC005-083 Textured Knit Sleeveless Shell M Black
OC006-013, 014, 016 Elegant Blazer Blue M, L, LL Size
OC006-034 Elegant Blazer Gray L Size
OC006-083, 084, 086 Elegant Blazer Black M, L, LL Size
OC007-013, 033, 083 Elegant Skirt Navy Blue, Gray, Black M Size
OC007-014, 034, 084 Elegant Skirt Blue, Gray, Black L Size
OC007-089 Elegant Skirt Black Color (3L)
OC008-043, 063, 113 Knit Long Sleeve Polo Shirt All Colors M Size
OC008-044, 064 Knit Long Sleeve Polo Shirt (Wine, Purple) L Size
OC009-083, 103, 163 Knit 3/4 Sleeve Bowtie Sweater Black, Orange Pink, Purple M Size
OC009-104, 164 Knit 3/4-Sleeve Bowtie Sweater Orange Pink, Purple L Size
OC010-083, 084 Women’s Skinny Pants Black M, L Size
OC011-All Sizes Men’s Casual Stretch Pants Black All Sizes
OC014-252, 253 V-Neck Sweater (Unisex) Tomato Red S, M Size
OC015-233, 234, 236 Zip Hoodie Royal Blue M, L, LL Size
OC015-332, 336 Zip Hoodie Orange S, LL Size
UW101-054, 056 Lady’s Long Sleeve Undershirts Pink L, LL Size
UW141-03130, 05130 Kid’s Long-Sleeve Undershirt 130cm Gray, Pink
UW142-03130 Kid’s Long-Sleeve Underpants 130cm Gray
UW212-Brown All Sizes Comfort Long Underpants For Men Brown All Sizes
UW305-033, 034 Men’s Short-Sleeve Undershirt Gray M, L Size
UW306-All Sizes Men’s Sleeveless Undershirt Gray All Sizes
UW307-032 Men’s Long-Sleeve Undershirt Gray S Size
UW308-032, 034 Men’s Long Underpants Gray S, L Size
UW601 All Size NEORON® Lady’s High-Rise Panties (All Sizes) Beige
UW602-033, 034 Lady’s Comfort Panties (2 Pcs Set) Gray M, L Size
UW602-043, 044, 046 Lady’s Comfort Panties (2 Pcs Set) Purple M, L, LL Size
UW602-102, 103, 104, 106 Lady’s Comfort Panties (2 Pcs Set) Biege S, M, L, LL Size
UW604-013, 014, 016, 019 Men’s Boxers Navy Blue M, L, LL, 3L Size
UW604-033, 034, 036, 039 Men’s Boxers Gray M, L, LL, 3L Size
UW605-013, 014, 016, 019 Men’s Briefs Navy Blue M, L, LL, 3L Size
UW605-034, 036, 039 Men’s Briefs Gray L, LL, 3L Size
UW621-All Sizes Lady’s Sleeveless Undershirt All Sizes

Update Date: 06/11/2018